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Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 December, 2008

Righto, I am slowly recovering and still sore, but I will take you back over the last 5 days.

Wednesday 17 December
Jump off the plane to once again meet Jay. We drove to get Yurios then we drove to get Dward and Ghost. As they walked out of the airport, they spotted us straight away - good thing too because Jay and I had no idea. So we dropped the boy's luggage at Levi park and headed to Mr Murphy's. 10 minutes later we were at Jay's drinking a shitload of grog. After some backyard chatting we headed into the city for one big MOFO schnitzel. Dward's and mine came out on a normal plate but Jay's and Ghost's came on a serving plate. I swear it was half a cow!

So after our feed, and 100 pisses, we walked the streets walking from bar to bar. This is when Dward, Ghost and I realised that Adelaide was the place to pick up. We wondered around until we found a pool hall. THE GAMES BEGAN! Jay and I verse Ghost and Dward. The nerd goth crowd was going wild... not really, they just kept looking at us funny and lol'ing at Dward's dancing. So anyway, the pool game went pretty quickly. I myself felt sorry for the DD team, so I sunk one of their balls for them. Then it was down to 2 v 1 balls. "So what are the rules", I hear ghost say. I laughed... those laughs did not linger around. Ghost was up, bang off the opposite wall and sunk their final ball. They did it, I couldn't believe Ghost pulled off a 1 in 1000 shot. *Shakes head* After the pool hall, we headed to another pub and perved a bit. It was getting late so we put the boys in the taxi and grabbed one for ourselves. Had another 4-5 Jimmy's at Jays and went to bed.

Thursday 18 December
Woke up at 10. First Jimmy for the day. Jay and I went out in the backyard and set up a cubby house for his two boys. The time just flew by - it was 2.30pm in no time and way past lunch. We ducked down to the shops and grabbed some snags for the BBQ. After lunch we picked up the boys and headed out to poker night. We were a tad early so we jumped on the pokies. Dward and Ghost won $80 bucks between them and lost $40. So it was sign up time and game time. Fuck me - there were sharks. I know the guy (forget his name) with the glass was a pro but he was a top bloke to. One after another we got knocked out - boom Steric; boom Ghost and boom Dward. I was waiting for Jay to get knocked out ASAP, but no. The tables compressed and the games became more intense...well for Jay. Over on the lounge, this is the first time I spent getting to know Ghost and Dward. They are top guys, but more on that later.

So around 10.30-11.00pm the games finished and Jay scored 4th out of 60 players. GG Jay, that was a great night. We drove the guys to a club where we hoped they would pick up... but no. Jay and I went back to his house to drink more.

Friday 19 December
Was a cruisey day. First Jimmy at 9.00am. We bummed around and waited for the night to come because I knew that it was going to be a big one.

1st stop - the pizza shop
I get a message in the taxi, "So is Steric's love blonde and shortish?" SHE WAS THERE. The nerves cut in and the next thing I know I was standing outside looking at the waitress talking to ghost and Dward. Lucky you didn't pull anything on her boys (I mean both ways). She looked up and stared at me and I stared back. I took a seat and the small talk began, "Do you remember me?" "Yes" "What time do you finish?" "5am" "Do you want to come go-karting tomorrow or drinks?" "I would but I have to start work at 9" "Next time I am down?" "Yea, sure thing" The small talk began and I soon found out her name, Fiona. My subtle flirting last about an hour and ended up getting her photo. We started walking to our next stop. However, on the way... Dward got a dirty drunk woman...she grabbed his arse then went ahead... a massive stain on the back of her dress made us laugh so hard.

2nd stop - Casino
This is where I am struggling a little. Fiona made my drinks - a single, then a double, then a triple. This is what I remember, we rocked up and met up with Basey, we played a little roulette and I played the casino wars. $150 in 35 minutes down the drain. I bought more drinks to drown my losses and then the group stumbled to our next destination.

3rd stop - Strip club
The smell of pine-o-clean with haunt me forever, but the scene will give me many great dreams for a while to come. As i said I was a little out of it, but I remember a few table dances and drinking more. Then there were these two guys, they got up on stage and got striped to their undies and thrown into a pool. The strippers made them horny little sexy slaves. *Fuzzy* Then boom. HELLO NAKETA! Yes that is right, little did i know Jay bought a private dance. She was on the table and I heard Jay say "This is their first time *Points to Ghost and I* so give them a good show!" I will not go into much detail here cuz of minors, but Ghost and I got a face full of everything. After two songs, I gave Ghost a "That was freaking awesome" hug and then we had to wait for...err... Ghost to settle down...yes we will stick with that. But after that, caught a taxi home and said goodbye to the boys. Fuck that was great!!!

Saturday 20 December
Another cruisey day. The day seemed to fly by. We drove to the pub with the boys and met up with Helo and Skryer. We ate dinner and headed to the go-karts. I must say, by now I was feeling a little shit so this is a lot harder to write. At the go-karts we met up with Basey and I said bye to Mel. Handed in our form and realised that the owners were angry mofos. Race one was on and we were racing. We raced around this track that seemed to have endless corners. It was great fun. Same in race two and then there was a break. The boys got some hints from the owners and off we went again. After a little "I am going to get you Skryer" talk we powered into the 3rd race and on the second corner, someone spun out, causing Skryer to spin out and me not knowing where the break was, hit Skryer at full speed, breaking his go-kart and ramming my kart into his ribs. Sorry Skryer, it was all accidental. I was a bit shell shocked and took the next two easy. Then on the very last race I thought fuck it. BOOM! Hit Jay. BOOM hit Helo! Then the yellow lights were on. After the times were calculated, Helo came in first place. We hung around for a while then headed in our own direction.

Sunday 21 December
Began drinking at 12.00pm. Picked up the boys and headed back to Jays house. Played a little BF2 then went to the airport. Once on arrival, we said goodbye to Jay for the final time and chilled with Dward and Ghost. After some wedges and losing Dward in the toilets, Ghost and I had a punching match. Steric won. I said goodbye to the boys, not once, not twice but three times. I flew off and said goodbye the the greatest place in *AUS*.

I encourage you to attend these things if the opportunity comes up. It really is a spin out and you look at one another much different afterwards.

GG boys!!!

They said it..

"I encourage you to attend these things if the opportunity comes up. It really is a spin out and you look at one another much different afterwards." Steric
"Was a heap of fun as always and look forward to the next one." Jay

Reporting by Steric.

Cheek in our cabin Cheek losing chips Jay's poker face Dward, Steric and Cheek
Dward and "Steph" Kicking back at Jay's Cheek and Steric Jimmy's and Battlefield
Steric and Dward Cheek, System, Helo, Dward, Skryer, Steric Dward and Cheek The track
System surveys the track As does Steric, Dward and Basefield L-R: Cheek, Helo and Jay Dward delayed at the airport