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After announcing his retirement on the 27/03/04 I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Balistic.

* Joined on the 16/12/2000
* Played in over 80 matches in LW, TFD and BHD
* Received around 25 Player of the Match awards - an award that only was only introduced recently. 

Balistic. On what basis did you choose this as your gaming nick and why is it spelt with one 'l'?

At high school back in 96 they had a computer room where somehow the game Descent got installed on all the computers, even better the computers were networked. My first Lan. Every one had cool nicks and walking home from school I was thinking some up and Balistic popped up and has been my nick ever since. As for the spelling I can’t recall if it was just an error or if I did it on purpose. Either way I kept it as one ‘L’ because Bal sounds better than Ball. I told people that once and for a period of time I was called Ball but now that they’ve all died of accidental circumstances so now friends know me best as Bal.

I am currently playing under different nicks now just to be one of the crowd.

Just what did you enjoy most about *AUS* or gaming clans in general?

I’ve been fortunate to be apart of two great squads. First was *JTFD* (Joint Task Force Dagger) back with DF2. It was a great introduction with a good group of players and friends. I learnt the etiquette of online gaming and how to work in a squad. Unfortunately the squad closed down but still see some the guys around.

Secondly *AUS* was the best. From the word go I knew I was in a professional squad run by a professional player and leader (Camo then JB). I enjoyed the play of tactics employed on the battlefield to win a match and the satisfaction of winning as a team. Joking, having fun and shooting the breeze with ppl you cared about. Watching members develop and grow and hold their own. Having valued input and seeing it shape the way *AUS* is today. *AUS* has given me a lot of things to hold dear.

And what really ticked you off or disappointed you the most over the last 3 odd years?

Not a lot I try to stay as neutral as possible in all circumstances and forming my own opinions on people or topics. I guess that’s why it’s rare to see my posts in the forum unless I’m off my face drunk and then they are the best posts I’ve ever made.

There are individuals in the squad I dislike as with anyone but I’ve made it my decision not to waste energy trying to cure all the upstarts, got better things to do.

You have a quirky sense of humour; are a master of mischief and mayhem; never lost for words; as well as being a dedicated and responsible member. Have I missed anything?

My enormous penis. My luck with the ladies and the ability to play most peoples best ever score while being drunk.

Despite all this I can't recall you having ever gone against the grain. Has there been any decisions made that you wish you'd now made your opinion on the issue known?

Whoever knows me knows my opinion on the current *AUS*.

Having played in over 80 matches for *AUS*, has there been a favourite or one that really stands for you out at least?

Either wining against *AIF* or in any game where JB uses at least four different swear words in one command.

You never actually played with *AUS* in Delta Force 2. What was your gaming background before you joined *AUS* and do you feel you missed out on something by not being there?

As I said before I was around for at least a year or so with DF2 so that was a good precursor to the delta force series. Before that I was mainly playing strategy games like Warcraft 2 or Dark Reign. Going back before DF2 things are a bit prehistoric.

You've been under the command of two members - first Camouflage and then JohnBoy. What attributes do you feel each brought to the clan and made it what it is today?

Camouflage was a no nonsense leader I mean this is a guy played like a madman in DF2 and won our first Oceanic. Then when the rest of us lazed back and got drunk he created and maintained the *AUS* site, never satisfied and constantly improving. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find those qualities in any online gamer. If *AUS* had a god it would be Camouflage.

JB rose in the midst of rubble and held *AUS* together in a difficult period, no small task. JB is a natural leader, his voice carries command and people respect that. He has a fair nature and willing to hear both sides before making a decision. You can feel his passion on the battlefield when he gets wound up about holding a zone or capturing a flag, you just know he loves what he does. I’m sure to many he’s the father figure and no different for myself and he’s helped me a lot both on and off the field.

Both have shaped *AUS* in their own way and the clan is better for having their leadership.

Any other members you wish to mention?

LOL I miss the old gang like Snappy, JB, Myself, Camo, Sasr, Stiixy, SB, BFG, SGT Jobbo, Rev and his twin Def, Klaymen, Sl@, and all the old school *AUS*. We were the original and the best!

What are your thoughts on the Delta Force series in general? Where could have NovaLogic improved?

I still think DF2 was the best, I have a lot of fond memories for that game and its grass. I think Novalogic sometimes are slow to the punch but when they do they more than deliver, take JO for example long time in the coming but worth it.

I think Novalogic is growing and improving on itself, though we must pause every now and again and laugh our arses off at Task Force Dagger. LOL what were they thinking? Yeah it’s BHD… not.

Dribbling and getting your rifle rusty has been your biggest disability hasn't it?

True, it’s just when I see how damn good I am, I’m just in awe of myself and drool forms and catches in my M60. Sometimes I get to excited and other substances gets my rifle rusty … well at least one rifle isn’t getting rusty.

What are some of your favourite movies/tv shows?

Just looking at my collection now … god is that what I watch I need help. Uh tv shows, I’m d’ling The Family Guy that shits funnier than The Simpsons, The Simpsons, Most things on SBS, White Colar Blue and Head Start (both have Freya Stafford my future wife). And Queer as Folk, though I might stop watching that as I’m getting the feeling everyone on the show is gay.

For movies, Fight Club, American History X, The 25th Hour, Akria, Ninja Scroll (both manga … in fact anything manga), Saving Private Ryan, Starship Troopers, All Monty Python movies, Trainspotting, The Boondock Saints, Black Hawk Down, The Passion of the Christ, Donnie Darko and anything Jackie Chan but mainly Drunken Master 1 & 2.

For the record, why have you decided to announce your retirement?

Few reasons really. I have a very busy schedule in the real world, if it’s not work its study and if it’s not that it’s Shoalin Kung Fu. It didn’t allow me to do a lot for the squad except play in matches. As such I was on the sidelines in much of what was happening in *AUS* and that didn’t feel too fulfilling.
For a while now I’ve sensed change coming for myself and it’s all so affected my work as I’ve resigned recently. I tell you my dreams and they are to be a writer and those plans are being finally given the attention they deserve, instead of playing a video game and going no where in life. My eyes got open at the last lan, so I say sometimes you have to destroy everything to become anything.

But in a nutshell where *AUS* is now and where I am in life are two different places.

What does the future hold for Balistic in the gaming world as well as in real life?

There’s a few games coming out I want to try when I have time, like Doom 3 and Half Life. You may see my name about in servers when JO comes out so feel free to say Hi.

for life, better job for a start. Then hopefully get some of my short stories published then move into novels and who knows what else…