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On Wednesday 23rd March 2005, *AUS* members stepped back in time and played a PC classic - Delta Force 2. This is where it all started for *AUS* back in 2000 - 5 years to the day.

Stock Novalogic Team King of the Hill maps were on the menu for the night. The objective is for each team to occupy the Zone, while clearing it of enemies and preventing members of the opposing team from infiltrating it.

The first map was Savannah which kicked off at 8pm and despite a false start, where we all ended up on the same side, the action soon got underway again.

Although some players had never experienced a game of the Delta Force series before, I was surprised at how quickly they learnt the spray and pray approach, yet also took advantage of DF2's trademark long grass. They definitely gave JB, Snappy and myself a good run.

Warpy was able to experience the repawn bug, which is very unusual on Novalogic maps. Basically, when you're killed, you respawn in the same place. Warpy was able to rack up some extremely enjoyable kills on unsuspecting subjects. Once a few of blue woke up, Warpy simply pulled out his knife and began slashing everyone in his path - myself included.

Blue ended up winning the map, holding the zone as time ran out... mainly thanks to Warpy lol, but also some crucial last minute kills from Archer.

Catepillar was the second map - shoot, die and respawn....repeatedly is a perfect explanation of this one. Although some may have found an armoury handy, I don't think anybody would have lived long enough to reach it. Some attempted to storm the building while others tore them down with everything they had. As usual Snappy made for the hills from time to time and picked off as many as he could. In the end xyR4nx made 106 kills, JB had a zone time of 15:44 and Red won the map.

2 hours had gone as we entered the third map (High Desert) and a few members headed off. It saw JB,Warpy and myself (Red team) up against Archer and Snappy (Blue) in the frigid conditions of Antarctica. It was a hard fought battle, with the upper hand switching between both sides, but in the end Red, having the extra player, held the zone.

Playing the game was certainly a shock to everybody, especially for those who had never done so before. Screams of horrors and hysterical laughs due to pixelated graphics, death defying leaps and voice macros was a common occurrence throughout the night.

It was an extremely enjoyable experience for all involved and there has already been calls to hold another night soon. Thanks to Gunny and Ice Cannon for organising the game and server.

They said it...

"I had trouble distinguishing ppl from cacti, but hey, it was a blast." ZeRoBot
"I think I only got 3 kills in an hour. Ball of laughs at Warpy dying and spawning in the exact same place." Dazzizle
"Was a hell of a lot of fun, though getting owned by Camo and JB on that last map sure makes ya see what a team it would have been back than." Archer

Camouflage (Network)

Medic Man (DF)
Warpy (DF)

Archer (JO)
Knives (JO)
Gunny (JO)
Shonky Man (JO)
Snappy (JO)
xyR4nx (JO)
Babyshaker (VC)
Molyneux (VC)
Ozzy (VC)

Dazzizle (BF)
Gossy (BF)
Timmy (BF)
Woobee (BF)

ZeRoBot (SW)

Report by Camouflage.