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Australian Universal Soldiers (*AUS*) is a multi-division PC clan founded by Camouflage on the 23rd of March 2000 with the creation of the first all-Australian Delta Force squad. The clan readily embraced all the new Delta Force titles that were released and continued to grow at a healthy rate with community veterans and new recruits alike signing up.

The clan was growing quickly and with exciting new FPS titles hitting the shelves a decision to re-forge the clan was made in September 2002 to embrace the new first person shooters by starting up new *AUS* Divisions. Each Division of *AUS* is a separate entity waving the *AUS* banner on the battlefield.

It wasn’t long then that *AUS* was making a name for itself and earning respect in games from Delta Force to Vietcong, from Star Wars to the Battlefield series. *AUS* has enjoyed high levels of success in many of these titles and even found its way in a computer magazine article or two along the way.

Known to be a clan from the earlier days of competitive internet gaming in Australia, *AUS* members wear their tags with pride and uphold the clan's good name. This is due in part to the firm leadership demonstrated in past and present, but mostly to the willingness of *AUS* members to work together as a unit on and off the field. Working hard for, and enjoying the wins but also accepting, commiserating and learning from the losses.

*AUS* is always on the move, willing to have a go and prove what teamwork and mateship can accomplish.

We look forward to you joining our dedicated ranks or hearing from you in our forums.