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Friday 25 and Saturday 26 July, 2008

It was over six months since BF2 members based in Adelaide last caught up and the question was asked... surely it must be time for another?

A pub lunch, a trip to a pistol range, followed by drinks was the plan.

Steric flew down from Sydney to stay at Jay's for the weekend. That night Basefield organised to catch up with Steric and Jay. Being Basefield, he turned up fashionably late. It didn't matter though - he bought $100 of grog to last the night, so everybody was set. After a few Pale Ale's and JimBeam and colas, it wasn't long before the cold brought everybody inside for some BF2. Basey managed to call a cab sometime after 12ish, while Jay and Steric continued drinking on into the morning,

Jay and Steric woke up with the little footsteps of Jay's kids, looked at the time then took off to pick up Systemlord. RedTracer, Helo and Extractor also soon showed up, although Basefield was late AGAIN.

After a quick bite and chat at the Metropolitan Hotel it was straight off to the Marksman Indoor Firing Range for Trev's $75 special, consisting of:

30 x 9mm pistol
10 x .45 acp pistol
12 x 357 magnum revolver
6 x .44 magnum revolver

After eagely signing their forms everyone sat down to watch the safety video. Steric was looking at the roof though... he tells us it was a cool roof. Everybody then moved into the booths where they were given another safety talk. No prizes for guessing if Steric was listening. Everybody fired off their shots. Although some of us experienced some serious lag, we all generally hit the targets. Except for maybe Steric who shot the roof a few times.

The semi-autos were next. This is when Steric should of listened to the video, "ok whatever do not put your thumbs here". Did Steric get hurt? Yep. Did Steric nearly blow his head off while he looked at why the gun was blocked? Yep. Did the instructor keep a very close eye on Steric after that? Yep.

Having survived, Steric was in a good mood and bought everybody a round of drinks. Everyone was in a great mood and there was rarely a minute there wasn't a laugh or two. *AUS* has had some epic matches recently and it was good to chew the fat and reflect on the victories and challenges ahead. After two hours everybody said their goodbyes.

Basefield and Jay still had a mission though - to make sure Steric never forgets Adelaide. After a quick retreat to Basey's house for some BF Bad Company, the three hit a pizza bar where Steric made some ground flirting with the waitress. Afterwards, a visit to a LAN cafe was in order with BF2, Counter-Strike: Source and Command & Conquer Generals getting a run. At 12 it was back to the pizzza bar for some ice-cream. Mind you it was like 6 degrees, but the waitress was was still going to be there! Unfortunately it was all downhill from there and after saying their final goodbye to Basefield, Steric and Jay made their way back to Jay's to chill and drink.

They said it..

"Steric is a legend for going to the expense and effort of flying to SA for this." Helo
"Highlight was Steric firing the 44 magnum and leaping about a metre backwards, then trying to point the semi-auto pistol at his face when it jammed." Systemlord
"Fantastic day out. Definitely do it again. You guys are awesome!" Helo
"Had a blast guys. I seriously think people should take the time to mingle with your "family", it is worth the time and the money." Steric

Reporting by Steric and Helo.

Steric and Basefield getting into some BF2 at Jay's house Meeting up - RedTracer, Extractor, Systemlord, Jay, Steric and Basefield Lunch Extractor saying how big his is
Helo getting excited We went for Trev's Special Some of the weapons You wanna trust Extractor, but I'd give him my wallet for sure
Helo - straight off the set of The Sopranos Steric 'paying attention' to the safety talk Basefield, Steric and Extractor Jay, Helo and Basefield
Comparing war stories Jay gets a bullseye Jay and Steric at a LAN cafe Steric on BF2