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Sunday 16 December, 2007

Well the Adelaide crew of the BF Division finally got together for a BBQ at Systemlord's house. Everyone brought stacks of food and we all feasted like kings.

It was a bit weird meeting people you already think you know but have never met, if you get my meaning. No-one looked like I thought they would.

We all sat around casually chatting just like we were in Teamspeak. It was strangly normal. Basefield's voice though, sounds just as sexy in person as it does in Teamspeak. There was no shortage of topics to chat about. Especially with all that has gone on in the clan lately.

Thanks to Systemlord for some top quality hosting. He was suprisingly hospitable, given the rough looking characters that walked through his door on the day.

It was a damn shame that Extractor, Redtracer and Spook could not get there, but hopefully there will be a next time and we will all catch up then.

They said it..

"We were too cheap for prawns, but the food was bloody good. Helo did an awesome job of cooking it." Basefield
"Rocking good day guys" Helo

Reporting by Helo.

Basefield, Jay, Helo and Systemlord Jezza the friendly canine Basefield and Jay chewing the fat System made up some excellent chicken kebabs
The well oiled machine that is Helo cooking a BBQ I'm gonna eat all the Kabana base if you don't get off the phone System had the cricket nibblies covered Another piece of cake?