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Thursday 8 January to Sunday 11 January, 2009

Once again the members of *AUS* converged on Brisbane for the annual LAN. Held between the 8th to the 11th of January at the Cannon Hill Rugby Leagues Club it attracted around 30 members. Members from several divisions came from all around Australia, as far as Melbourne and Darwin lugging their machines with them.

Kicking off on Thursday, several members turned up to set up the tables and ensure they had a good seat. Servers were sorted out, fridges turned on, sleeping arrangements made. After this was done a few game servers popped up for an easy night light gaming, pizza and alcohol.

Friday started early with a car load arrivals walking in as early as 6.30am. People really started to flow in and spare seats were getting fewer by the hour. Serious gaming now started with Delta Force, Battlefield and Call of Duty all been played. The leeching also started, with gigabyte after gigabyte downloaded. Drinking levels also were increased leading to several people crashing early.

Saturday came around with the last few people arriving. This was the day where the serious competitions where held. 3 maps each of COD4, DF:BHD and BF2 with a winner being determined at the end of each. The leaching continued until it was time for the awards ceremony where the winners of the earlier games were announced, as well as annual division awards and 5 years service awards. Members also showed their generosity by donating $398 to go towards the cost of running the *AUS* website.  Once again the alcohol consumption was stepped up with 3lmo having a very good go at it (although half of it was either on the bench or on Stuka's computer).

Sunday came around all too soon, with people packing up and saying their goodbyes before starting their long trips home. It was as always a great LAN - full of big laughs and serious gaming. Planning has already started for the next one to ensure it is just as good.

Special thanks to

Skipsta for his excellent meals.
Johnboy and Xena for organising the event
Deathstar and Gunny for tech support
Mag58 and Camouflage for the awards


Player of the LAN - Ice Cannon
Runner up of the LAN - Medic Man
COD4 competition winner- Alphabear
BF2 competition winner - Medic Man
DF:BHD competition winner - Ice Cannon
Piss head of the LAN - 3lmo
Furthest travelled - JohnBoy
Least travelled - Ice Cannon
5 year awards – Deathstar, Xena, Medic Man, Sertified

Certificate of thanks - Xena

They said it...

"Top LAN - had a blast. See yas next year!" Ice Cannon
"Just got home, had a great time. Thanks to everyone who helped organise/turned up for making it an awesome event." Alphabear
"The food was awesome!!!! Can i have the recipe for that potato bake cause that was the best." Sychoshreder
"I have to say it has been the most fun I've had playing BF2, COD4 and well a game I had never heard off, BHD! Templepilots
"Save some coin, call in sick and get your ass's there for the next one. GT69

Written by Medic Man

In attendance

- Da Devil
- DeathStar
- Ice Cannon
- JohnBoy
- Merlin
- NakedGun
- Sandboy
- Sertified
- Silent Viper
- Skipsta
- Xena
- GT69
- Medic Man
- 3lmo
- Stuka
(DF, BF)
(DF, BF)

- Alphabear
- Carebear
- Jay_da_geezer
- Mr_AussieDevil
- Noswill
- Shadowrance
- Steric
- Sychoshreder
- Templepilots
- Woobee

Human Target


(Fomer DF)
(Fomer DF)


The BF Division   Sycho, Jay (behind sycho, giving the rabbit ears) aussie, temple and carebear  Templepilots, Sychoshreder, Alphabear, Steric
  Ice Cannon DeathStar, Roughie and Gunny Aussie played Starcraft more than he breathed
MM looking at Skipsta DaDevil and Human Target Steric and Nos standing  
Steric and GT69 Woobee   NakedGun
      Xena (Cert of thanks)
Medic Man (5 years) Sertified (5 years) JohnBoy (DF POTY) 3lmo (Best drinker of LAN)
  Medic Man (Runner up) Ice Cannon (Gamer of LAN) DeathStar (5 years)
Xena (5 years) Skipsta Skipsta (Cert of thanks) Ice Cannon, GT69 and Human Target
Human Target, Silent Viper, Xena and Merls Steric and Nos standing Jay, Aussie, Stuka, Medic Man, GT69, Sycho, Alpha, Silent Vyper, Nos, Steric and Shadow behind Steric