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Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 January, 2006

It was back to Sydney in 2006 for the *AUS* Network LAN. With large expectations, Snake from the Joint Operations Division set out in April 2004 to search for the right sized hall. After a great amount of effort (no we don't require a security guard or catering thank you), Snake found the Campbelltown Masonic Centre and booked the hall a full 8 months ahead.

Despite the LAN being held over the Australia Day long weekend, only eleven die-hard members turned up. This included Fornax and Gemmiwraith who drove from Narrabri and JohnBoy who drove overnight from the Gold Coast.

Organising games was effortless and we took a crack at anything including Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, DF: Black Hawk Down, Joint Operations, Jedi Academy, Sid Meier's Pirates, Quake III and Alien vs Predator II.

We fought some horrific battles - were sliced, naded, sabered, sniped and blown to kingdom come, but with the alcohol flowing and in air-conditioned comfort, we kicked on until 3-4am each night.

Saturday night saw Snake fire up his barbie and with no division award winners present, the spotlight was on Snappy and JohnBoy who received awards for 5 years service. Their continuous contributions, can-do attitude and sense of reason have shaped what the clan is today. Congratulations to them both.

We all went home. The end.

Delta Force
Player of the year - Warpy
Most improved - Extractor

Player of the year - The_Heretic
Most improved - P0iS0NdaRt  

Call of Duty
Player of the year -
Most improved -

Joint Operations
Player of the year - Kaj
Most improved - Swabio

In attendance

- Camouflage
- JohnBoy
- Wizard of
- Le Legionnaire
- Soragon
- Templer
(DF, JO)
  - Fornax
- Gemmiwraith
- Snappy
- Snake

They said it...

"I had a blast, till next time ay? YARRRRRGH!!!!" Fornax.
"Had a great time, Its a shame more didn't show. Look forward to the next one already." Snake.

LAN write up compiled by Camouflage.

The hall Fornax, Camo & Gemmiwraith Snake KaMIKaZe and Wizard
Just a minute... who's owns the cereal?? Pirates is even more additive with a joystick Snappy gets right
into the tucker
Snappy receives 5
year award
JohnBoy with his 5
year award
team photo
Quick! Need photos
for website
...till next time