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Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 January, 2005

Another successful *AUS* Network LAN was held at the Cannon Hill Stars Football Club, between the 13th and 16th of January 2005. Once again we had a great turnout with members from most divisions making an appearance (those who weren't grounded). Everybody joined in a range of games including Call of Duty, Battlefield, Desert Combat, Black Hawk Down, Star Wars Battlefront and Joint Operations. Many games saw over 16 players, which made for some extremely intense battles.

When one whole side of the room dropped out of one of the games, we discovered a number of people had installed Sid Mier's Pirates. This highly addictive title saw the rest of us take an unusual early night. To make up for this absurd event, we all took a copy and had countless all-nighters at home.

Terabytes of file sharing transpired and copious amounts of alcohol was consumed. There were a few blurry eyes in the mornings and a few hangovers, but it didn't deter anyone from partying on the next day.

Thank you to all the members for making the effort to travel the distances they did. We had members come from as far south as Sydney and from as far north as Cairns. Also, thank you to all the people that helped out, in particular:

- Snake and Skipsta for cooking;
- JohnBoy, Medicare and Elmo for providing equipment;
- Davaro, Elmo, HT (APC) and anyone else that helped get games and patches on peoples PC's;
- Camouflage for the case badges (they look great);
- And everyone that helped to setup, cook and clean up.

Also thank you to the people from other squads for once again turning up and helping us to make it another successful event.

In short, a great time was had by all and I am sure we are all looking forward to the next one.

Network and division awards were handed out, they are as follows:

Player of the LAN - Eagle
Drinker of the LAN - Damkiller
Furthest travelled - Eagle
Least travelled -

Delta Force
Player of the year - DeathStar
Most improved - Rastus

Player of the year -

Joint Operations
Player of the year - Mongoose
Most improved - Ronin

Call of Duty
Player of the year - Piedude

Player of the year - Ozzy

In attendance

- Camouflage
- JohnBoy
- NakedGun
- Damkiller
- Rastas
- Skipsta
- Gunny
- Medicare
- Snake
- Scorpion
- Ronin
- Zenith
- Elmo
- Mitchr6
(DF, JO)
(DF, JO)
  - DeadManWalkin
- Deathmonger
- Eagle
- Barit
- Zodie
- Davaro
- Dabing
- Woobee

- Grant
- Beaker
- Balistic
- Russell
- Torn Aorta
- AussieGreg
- Human Target
(BF, SW)

Davaro's m8
Elmo's brother
(ex DF)
(|E| clan & ex TC)
(APC clan)
(APC clan)
(APC clan)

They said it...

"I went to the LAN on Saturday and had a whale of a time! Heaps of games, heaps of leeching. Good stuff lads!." Woobee.
"Was good stuff guys and gals - had a ball." Damkiller.

LAN write up compiled by Gunny.

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    Snake, Russell & Medicare Balistic
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Rastus & JB Eagle & Camo Close enough Takes 1...403