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Friday 1 to Sunday 3 October, 2004

The *AUS* DF Div LAN 2004 was nothing short of a complete success. Held over the weekend of October 1st to 3rd at the Cannon Hill Stars Football Club, where we held the network LAN earlier this year. The football club has proven to be an ideal venue for these events and many thanks were extended to the President (Tony) and Secretary (Robin) of the club for having us back a second time. Tony spent quite some time chatting and drinking with us during the weekend; it was good to have the opportunity to thank him in person, very nice people.

We had members travel from as far as Mackay and Townsville in the north and Adelaide to the south. So a big thanks to those members for making the trip to enjoy the weekend, and a hell of a lot of alcohol, with us. This LAN even saw the inclusion of 3 of our new Junior members, DeDevil and Sandboy, DS and Xena's two boys and Damkillers son 350Chevy, it was great to see them all getting along and playing well together, sure they will all make great full members when they are old enough.

The first person who needs to be recognised for their efforts is our BBQ supplier and chef for the weekend. Skipsta put in a huge effort that ensured we were all supremely well fed for the whole 3 days, top work m8.

We had some visitors from other parts of the Delta Force community also, including several of our allies from clan APC, thanks to Roughride, AussieGreg, HT, Torn and Legionaire for spending some time with us on Saturday. We also had a visit from Kipper from OGN.

Some great games were had with up to 20 people seen in the Black Hawk Down server on Saturday, and it was very interesting to have a game with that many players all on the same low pings, it sure makes for a different game. It was great to see some old maps that we haven’t had on the server for a long time, thanks to Gunny for digging those out for us, and also for the effort he put into setting up once again.

Thanks also to DS for bringing cable and patiently helping everyone who needed a hand getting set up, the same goes for anyone who supplied equipment for others, and thanks to Xena for making sure everyone paid a fair amount.

In Attendance

- Merlin (and Karen)
- JohnBoy (Natasha and Ty)
- Gt69
- Medic Man
- Extractor
- NakedGun
- DeathStar, Xena, DaDevil and Sandboy
- Skipsta (and Jane)
- Human Target
- Medicare
- Gunny (and Jamie)
- Rastus
- Damkiller and 350Chevy
- Mag and Sara
- Brad (Mag’s Brother Inlaw)
- AussieGreg
- Kippa
- Nucleus
- TornAorta
- Zues
- Badboy, Sierra-Jess and Pumba. (Mrs Badboy)
- RoughRide
- LeLegionnaire
- Sertified

Mag58 made up some flash award certificates for the LAN which went as follows :-

- Best Drinker = NakedGun :P
- Least Traveled = Roughride
- Furthest Traveled = Merlin
- Player of the Lan = Sierra Jess

Lan write up complied by NakedGun.

Merls and ? roll in Lets get the show on the road GT69 JohnBoy and Ty...
JohnBoy's comp Kippa(OGN) and JB Merlin
'Furthest Travelled'
Hell yeah
'Least Travelled'
DamKiller & Son(350Chevy) Sierra-Jess
'Player of the Lan'
Skipps and Medic Man
'Great grub - thanks'
Thursday before massive alcohol consumption' Zeus and Nucleus Big Merls
One for the folks back at home NakedGun
'Pisshead of the Lan'