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Friday 4 to Sunday 6 July, 2003

The *AUS* Battlefield 1942 Division held their first successful LAN during the first week of July, 2003. The LAN started on the Friday afternoon and went right through to Sunday morning. Even though the time was shorter than most would have liked, the entire weekend was a frenzy of activity. The participation from the division members was huge. At it’s peak, 17 AUS BF42 members attended the LAN, many travelling from interstate, with special mentionable thanks for their efforts to Clintcom, Morden, Rev and Bocster. Even former members from AUS BF42 div attended. Antsman and Widget (AEF), turned up to have a blast with the people they started playing the game with and to see how far this division has come.

The location for the LAN was a little remote for those who know Melbourne. A Scout Hall in Wantirna was chosen for this the first BF42 div get together. It couldn’t have been a better choice for a venue though. It had everything that we needed; a complete kitchen, heating, showers, tables and chairs, a fireplace, and a monster BBQ called Bertha!

To get this event organized was a huge effort undertaken by a few BF42 members that need mentioning. Thirty-3 booked the hall, but unfortunately couldn't come at the last moment. Then, Straka went to work organizing PC and people pickups, building a server and organizing food. A lot of other members contributed to make this weekend easy for all to simply turn up and enjoy.

Admist the fun, there was plenty of time to socialize, and in most cases finally put a face to name. Aside from the obvious beer, bbq and burning, some structured game play took place. On the Saturday, 17 players got on the hub together playing vanilla BF42 in a 5 map conquest series. Other games were played later into the night, Vietcong being one of them, and some BF42 mods, but all in all BF42 was favored typically. Also, division awards were handed out to those lucky enough to receive them, these were decided based on votes made by div members. Overdue promotions for BF42 div members were made official, even non-attending members were promoted in front of an appreciative group.

Looking back to the *AUS* Inter-Divison LAN Dec 2002, that was held in Sydney, it was great in the way it united the *AUS* divisions under the one roof. Back then, BF42 div was still in it’s infancy, so it is quite impressive to see how so many members of just one division came together for a LAN. It’s a huge achievement for not only BF42 div but for *AUS* as a gamers network, and the BF42 division fully supports the idea of another inter division LAN sometime in the near future.

In conclusion, there can be no doubt that holding a division LAN is a good way to help galvanise the division together, as this event has helped strengthen the BF42 division in a big way. There are some photo’s floating about of some of the *AUS* BF42 div members at play, have a look at the age groups, 13 – 40 plus.

In attendance

Straka, DSL, ST, Thor, Morden, Bocster, Clintcom, REV, BulletMagnet, BigBird, DropBear, Antsman (AEF, ex AUS), Widget (AEF, ex AUS), Mutski (a CS player - friend of Antsman and Widget), Freddo (ex-AUS), WolfBlass (AUSt, rookie).

And thanks to the entire BF42 division for their support of our first LAN get together.

Capt. Bigbird *AUS*

Lets get ready to rumble. Antsman heading to the enemy's nest. Morden receives an award.
Clintcom also receives an award.
The thrill of winning that award takes the puff out of Clintcom. This is actually my bedroom. Straka and hot Big Bertha sizzling away together. Straka, BigBird and Bocster. Boc won some movie tickets too.
Bocster. Ghee - Is there anyone who didn't get an award?
From L: DSL & ST. Morden's Playground. From L: Rev, Straka, TheBoy & Widget (at back).
Rev finally on the computer. From L: Widget & Antsman Group hug. Hehe. Freddo and BigBird clean up.