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Friday 13 to Monday 16 December, 2002

The *AUS* Gang gathered once again for its second Annual LAN party from Friday 13 December till Monday 16 December 2002. This time it was just not the Delta Force *AUS* as we used to be, but the new *AUS* Network LAN Party. We had put a lot of preparations into getting this organised and at one stage I did not think it would happen, but I remember Snappy saying “Don’t worry, I will get a place”. Something he knew that we didn’t is that he had a school lined up for our LAN this time around.

The location was The Bankstown Grammar school, right next door to the Bankstown Airport. It had everything we needed from the big classroom with plenty of tables and chairs and plenty of power outlets this time and other things like a BBQ, toilets, showers, spare hubs, spare monitors and shops 5 minutes away.

Most members arrived the Friday afternoon/night and some on the Saturday. We met everyone, including some new faces and hooked up to the LAN and mostly done some changing of programs and consuming plenty of alcohol lol.

On the Saturday we drew names to put everyone into 2 teams. The teams were:

Team 1

BFG, Snappy, DeathStar, Camouflage, SilverBullet, SexyBabe, Naplam, BigBird

Team 2

Def, Rev, DevilSlide, JohnBoy, Balistic, Specty, The Boy, Straka

From there we organised games to play; they were DF2, LW, TFD, BHD and BF1942.

We started playing DF2 and I thought for sure Team 2 was going to be in trouble. The game was TDM on 3 stock maps and to my surprise Team 2 won 2-1. We had a ball.

We then had the BBQ which thanks to DropBear who couldn’t attend due to work gave us $100 for the food. We had a big fang and had a few more beers and then went on with the awards and stuff who myself done the talking although I was half tanked, lol.

I firstly thanked Snappy for getting the place and then to everyone who turned up and also mentioned ppl who couldn’t get there because of work and other reasons.

I then issued the *AUS* caps to the guys who Ballistic had got for us. This was something Balistic wanted to do as first off everyone was going to get *AUS* shirts and Balistic wanted the hats for the Officers but the shirts fell through due to the costs so I did feel a bit bad about it as some guys were left out. However I did motioned that if they wanted one then to speak to Balistic and we could get them one.

I then went onto the Player of the Year for the Delta Force Division; the winner was Jackel for 2002. Jackel has shown an impressive year on and off the battlefield and won the votes of many people. Jackel was unfortunately not there but he received a certificate that SB had done and the game Unreal Tournament 2003.

The next award was the Delta Force Division Most Improved Member. This award for 2002 went to SexyBabe as she has shown 150% improvement since she first started and has become a very good Medic/gunner. SexyBabe also received a certificate and a DVD movie. Well done to both.

I also held off SexyBabes' promotion for about a month to promote her at the LAN as I thought this was a very special promotion. SexyBabe became *AUS*’s first female Officer she also received a *AUS* cap.

We had a few more drinks and moved back inside to battle it on. The next game was the LW match and we wanted to play CTF. We had quite a few problems here as the red side could not join so we went for the DM game and it was great. I think SB won the first, Snappy the second and SexyBabe the third.

We all then decided to play a few different games as it was getting late in the night and BF42 was on the agenda. We battled it out for a few hours then it was off to bed for a few except Rev, Def, DSL and myself who kept drinking and before we knew it, it was 7 am and we were all smashed, lol. I retired for a few hours sleep while DSL was off to the toilet for a spew and Rev and Def kept playing.

It was Sunday afternoon and a few members departed due to having to work the next day but the remainder stayed on and partied on. We played TFD and mostly BF1942 Sunday night and finishing up watching Full Metal Jacket.

Monday came and it was time to pack up and say our goodbyes and depart the location which was around lunchtime. Overall it was another great success and we all had loads of fun. A big thanks to DS and Sxb for the hub and cables and for making the long trip down here. The annual *AUS* LAN will be around for a quite a few years yet.

At this stage we are planning on having our next one in Brisbane for the Queensland guys. We hope to see many more members from other *AUS* divisions next year, especially considering how large the BF division has become. A few more early preparations will make the next one even better.

Standing around 4am already?? Def & SB playing soccer Standing around again
Specty, Camo, DSL Rev, Def, Bigbird, Straka From L: Pizza, Rev & Def Pricks! Lol
Pricks! Not again, Lol *Yawn* JB's playground Yep - standing around
SB and Rev SilverBullet playing Specty SB: "I'll baby sit for $20 an hour.
Group photo - Der And another Guess who Fire her up