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Friday 16 to Sunday 18 November, 2001

Well this was the first LAN which *AUS* had ever held and it certainly wouldn't be the last after an extremely successful weekend.

I think it was Stiiixy who voiced the idea of having a LAN and from there it just happened. We started a LAN thread in the forum where everyone put ideas across ranging from where we were going to have it to what sort of equipment we were going to need.

We agreed that it should be held in Sydney as most of us at the time were either in Sydney/Canberra and Melbourne. Camo was able to get us a place and it wasn't too bad - it had tables, chairs, toilets, showers and 'some' power outlets, lol.  We managed to hook everything into the power only to think that we were going to blow something up but it never happened thank God.

Most of us arrived on the Friday night to setup and most of us stayed up all night playing and burning games. Slaughter and Firebird travelled from Melbourne while Mmoose and JB came from Canberra. From Queensland saw Hando and Kayto travel down for the big event. Kayto also brought with him a 24 port hub and a wealth of knowledge with LANs as he was the only one that really knew how to hook us all up. This was a great event as it was the first time we had actually met in person.

Saturday rolled on and we kicked off playing games like Delta Force 2 and LW and also playing the new Ghost Recon that had just come out. We also done the old swapping of programs and Porn were high on FB’s list, lol. On the Saturday night we had Pizza and we also had some fireworks so we let them go. JB bought some dodgy Fireworks he got from Canberra and only half of them worked and nearly burnt Kayto lol.  However Camo pulled out his box of goodies and let rip with a few. A few boys stayed up all night drinking on the Saturday while the rest caught up with some much needed sleep.

Sunday arrived quickly and it was basically pack up time for the people from outta state and the remainder who lived in Sydney played on until about lunch time where we all said our goodbyes and left for another year, leaving Camo to tidy up all our cans of bourbon and stuff.

Overall everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was the first for the *AUS* team and it was just good to meet everyone since we had been playing online together for quite sometime.

In attendance

Camouflage, Slaughter, JohnBoy, Snappy, SilverBullet, BFG, Firebird, Rev, Def, Napalm, Mmoose, Stiiixy, Handofgod and Kayto.

Inside The Kusk? We're Going Down Commander!
Bow Down To The BrainBug JB Laughing At
(Not With) Moose
From L: FB & Sl@ From L: Sl@, Camo, Hando From L: Def & BFG Insert Your Lame
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Kayto In Disguise Somebody Raiding The Liquid Gold Mmmmm Stroke, Stroke.
Guess That's Stiiixy's Hand In The Last Pic Then
Stiiixy No Doubt. But Is
That Before Or After
The Fridge Raid?
Houston - We Have Liftoff Hi Mum! Snappy Rev Licking His Wounds
Def How Much Did Those Pizza's Really Cost Moose?
Who's Pizza Did FB Just
Run Off With & Where's
That Hand Going? Lol
From L: Rev, Def, Napalm
Insert An Even Lamer Comment Here Time For Some Ghost Recon From L: Kayto, Moose,
LAN Gets A Big Thumbs
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